Naivasha Finest
Naivasha Finest
Image: Douglas Okiddy

Naivasha's Finest, a group of six have paid tribute to businessman Jimmy Wanjigi. The song 'Jimmy Wanjigi' highlights how the group desires to make it to the top like the later.

They told Word Is over the weekend that;

"This is a person who inspires us, he has worked so hard to be where he is right now. As youth, this is motivation, we want to be like this person, we want to make money. He is like an idol to us.

He has achieved so much and he is from Kenya. Most people are inspired by people abroad but we have our icons here. How do you want to be like 2pac and you are from here? Its good to also honour people from home."

They say the major attribute as to why he was the person to praise on their song was his fearless character.

"One of the reasons is that he is fearless. He is a don in Kenya,  we want to be successful and help people. He is on the low key and not a person that likes to show off."

"We'd like to know whether he once went barefoot, wore torn clothes and stuff like that. How did he make it to the top? We'd like to know whether there is a formula to success. He is a businessman and we'd like to know more about our music business since we are musicians."

Meeting the tycoon is one wish they only want to come true. "We are aware that it is very rare to meet such a person. He needs to know that we are part of the people he inspires. We want to know how it all began and how he raised to the top. We know well that you can't just wake up and become Bill gates overnight."

The group has ventured into different genres of music

"We do hip-hop but we've decided not to focus on one genre. So we can now say that we are doing music since we've sampled afrobeat, gengetone and other genres."

The group which has been together for over a year says they want to take Naivasha to the world and kill all the bad news spread about their hometown.

"Naivasha is a small town and most of the time, people highlight the bad. We want to show people that there is a lot of good where we come from."