Peter Okoye aka Mr P has told off anyone that has been pushing him to make up with his brother Paul Okoye and get back to Psquare.

In a long Instagram message, Mr P said there is zero possibility of that happening.

"Nothing lasts forever and Change is constant! Everyday they continue barking!"

"Apologize to your bros🤣*Bring back our Psq🤣*We don’t know Mr P... we only know Psq🤣 *He doesn’t know how to sing🤣*He is nothing but a dancer🤣*His career is dead🤣*Such a noise maker🤣*Why is he so Childish🤣*You are now an upcoming artiste🤣Waa! waa!! waa!!!"

Mr P added that since he went solo, he has felt at peace

"Pls let me ask, Have you ever felt liberation when you do what you’re passionate about, follow your dreams, follow your heart. Go back! Go back!! Go back!!! and do what exactly? after saying I dont know how to sing? And again! Going back is it not for me to make more money? Since you know better! So why is that your problem?"

If you are still angry that my handle still has Psq come and remove it yourself😂

We have since moved on and its best y’all do the same! Support who you wish to support and move on. It is not a competition and I am not even giving any room for that. So Psq fans Take heart and get used to it! nothing last forever!

Again Change is constant.This is no longer about what you want! It is about what we want, so respect our decisions. It’s already a closed Chapter.We r not the first group to split or make such decisions! Plantashun Boiz, StylePlus, Mohits and Remedies So enough of the time wasting!Blood is thicker than water! Blood is thicker than water! Please my wife and children are they the water or Zobo?🤷🏽‍♂️


He added that next year, he is venturing into serious business, has a reality show dubbed 'The Okoyes" and album too.

The brothers broke up over family wrangles.