All we know about Magix Enga is that he is a beat king. And true to his tagline, manz makes beats like no other.

But he has decided he will expand his career. Music is not the only route he is willing to pursue. He might be your next president come 2022. Yap, not governor, not senator, he decided to go all the way to the presidential seat.

Taking to social media, he announced he is aspiring to be the next president.


Magix Enga for president. A leader by action. Vote for me come 2022. #magixengaforpresident

Just what we expected, he has been seriously trolled. People are even telling him to stop smoking what he has been smoking because his aspirations are all the way up.

If manz is very dedicated to his beat life, he probably will do the same as a president ama?

Sadly Kenyans are at a point where they are so tired of politics. Even worse, the celebrities who decided to join the political life in Kenya have really let their people down.

As Lupita said, your dreams are valid, for now, we wait and see. 2022 seems like it is going to be a very interesting year.