Ali Kiba's sister gave birth a year ago to a baby girl Nayfat Abdibanda. The child is fathered by Tanzanian footballer AbdiBanda.

Celebrating her birthday, baby Nayfat's social media, which is managed by her mother read;

"Thank Allah for everything .... I have every reason to say thank you Allah no without you i would not have seen it today, thank you for every good, life for breath and for the joy you have given me i love you Allah ♥️...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME 🎂♥️"

Another post read;

"May Allah keep my parents and I love them very much and you are the best in this world ♥️♥"

The footballer shared the photo of his daughter and wrote;

"My baby girl is 1.Happybirthday to you sweety♥️. Alhamdulillah 🙏"

Zabibu Kiba, Ali Kiba's sister described her daughter as her life

"You're My Life,My Happiness,My Everything!Happy Birthday My daughter @nayfat_abdibanda You are My Gift From God Alhamdulilah🙏🙏Mommy Love You My Girl,❤🎂🍰🍇🍇"

The couple got married at a private Muslim wedding attended by family and very close celebrity friends.