Harmonize and Sarah
Harmonize and Sarah

Harmonize and his Italian lover Sarah Michelotti are not in good terms. The rain started beating them when the singer introduced his daughter Zulekha to the world.

The singer was accused by his fans of cheating on his lover as the daughter is one and a half years, which means he was in a relationship with Sarah when he got involved with another woman.

Well, Sarah has taken a jab at the singer saying that he will not get another woman like her. She wrote;


"No lie ... some women are irreplaceable. Like the things she do for you and the feelings she had and showed you ..you may never experience it again . πŸ‘ΈπŸŒ"

Well, Harmonize recently said he is single and that he was concentrating on raising his daughter, confirming that he and Sarah are no more

"Starting single life today. officially just me and zuu konde, 2021, let me see"

It will be remembered that the singer few to Italy to propose to Sarah in the presence of her family. Few months later, the couple was reported to have gotten married but many believed it was a stunt.