Just few days after she was engaged to her lover, Vanessa Mdee has changed her title from Miss to Mrs A.

She is now the fiancée to Hollywood actor and singer Rotimi whose real name is Olurotimi Akinosho, meaning the 'A' is for Akinosho.

After accepting to be his wife, Vanessa wrote;

"The answer is YES! YES TO my best friend, YES to my soulmate, YES to the love of my life. Over and over and over again in EVERY lifetime. How you located me in this time and loved me in ways only YOU could is a testament to GOD’s divine order of things and FAVOR and GRACE. And suddenly it all makes sense.New initials V.A ♾💍💫🤍🕊" read part of her Instagram message

In a past interview, Mdee surprised fans after revealing that it only took two days to know that Rotimi was the one;

"It took me two days to know that this is the man that I will be with my entire life. Only two days, I said this is my husband"

The two met at a concert where Rotimi was performing. They have been stating in the US the better part of last year.

The two are yet to tie the knot but with the look of things, they might do it soon. Rotimi said he will be going to Tanzania soon, probably to formalize things with Vanessa's parents.