Zari Hassan and son
Zari Hassan and son
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Zari's second child Rapheal Junior has has come out to say that he is not gay and that he felt good after the little attention he got after saying that he was part of LGBTQ+

Taking to Instagram Live, he said

"I am not gay. Its not that I care what people say but It is making me feel famous man"


Before that, he had taken to social media saying that he loves gents and that it was not a joke

"I’m just letting you guys know here first that like hold the brakes  I don’t know why my whole 13 years on this earth I was taught that females are the only way for gents and you know for me personally I don’t see it that way  and me personally I like boys, men you know what I’m saying and that’s how it is.”

“I’m serious. I’m gay hundred percent gay and not bi or anything and I don’t know why you guys  are laughing at this, its not funny.”

After her son's live Instagram session went viral, Zari came out to say that Rapheal was not gay

"Raphael is not gay, he is dating. He started dating when he was 14 years, he’d ask for money to go to the Mall with his girlfriend"

She however said that if he ever turned to be gay, she would give her the support he needs

"But for instance if he was gay, its something that I’m gonna support him through, its my duty as a parent but for now we just clear the air to say Raphael is not gay"