Media personality Anita Nderu trended on social media after her tweet on LGBTQ+. Nderu has for the first time come out to explain that people should not be concerned about what others do in closed doors

“I believe everyone has been in love. I think its unfair to force people to conform to what people believe is the definition of whats right and whats wrong,” she said in an interview with Massawe Japani

Nderu who is also well known for her good sense of style went on to say

“When issues about LGBTQ are spoken about, people start saying thats not in the Bible and not religious. Those who brought us that religion have agreed to this. Pope himself has agreed.”


“Why would someone refuse to give you work because you are in love with your fellow man or woman. It has nothing to do with your credentials, professionalism and doesn’t affect your work. Who someone chooses to love is none of your business. People say thats not AFrican but the World has changed, people need to be allowed to love who the want as long as it doesn’t affect anyone else.”

Talking about her relationship, she admitted that she is currently seeing someone when asked whom she is dating

“I didn’t want to talk about my relationship but I am with a man,”

She is currently promoting her cooking show 'The Overdressed Chef" where her love for food meets her love for fashion.