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Muthaka has released her debut single, 'Why Don't You Love Me', following her recent signing to AI Records, a sub label of Universal Music Kenya.

In a statement, she described how the song came to be.

“The song was birthed from the feeling of pain and insecurity and was crafted to try and express those feelings not only to him but for myself as well,” she said.

Written from personal experience, the track takes the listener through a whirlwind of emotions with its well-balanced cocktail of soulful lyrics, angelic harmonies and astounding musical composition.

She worked with renowned audio producer MG of MG Studios Kenya and visuals were the done by Tony of DeGigz Films.

She intends to release a couple more singles soon in the gear-up to the release of her debut album, which is set to be released later in the year.

Check out the song;

Listen to 'Why Don't You Love Me' here: Connect with me: Lyrics: Ni kweli sina roho, yake ya rangi safi Ni kweli sina macho, ya kukupa usingizi Ni kweli sina hayo, ni kweli sina hats kidogo Ninalo, lifaalo, ni penzi As she lies in bed with you, does she know that you're thinking of me Au tabasamu hilo lake tamu kuliko langu Niweze kukupa Mali nyingi Ili uweze kunijali Mimi Sina cha kukustahili Ila pendo Niwe wako Ukinipenda Ukinipenda Ukinipenda I don't like the way; she looks at you I don't like the way she holds your hand Don't like the way she touches you, like she loves you Like she wants you And knows you the way I do Ninayetaka hanitambui Ninayependa hanishughuli Won't you love me Si Unipende Si Unipende Nipende Nipende Why don't you love me? #Muthaka #WhyDontYouLoveMe