Holy Dave and Joey Muthengi
Holy Dave and Joey Muthengi

Joey Muthengi and Holy Dave are celebrity siblings that we are in love with.  Holy Dave revealed he doesn't like the idea of any of his friends hitting on his sister.

Joey on the other hand said she never liked any of Holy Dave's girlfriends. Speaking to Dr King'ori on The Wicked Edition, she said

"I judged all of them and I hated all of them. Not good enough"

Asked what behaviours she didn't like from them, she said;

"I don't even know. I just never liked his girlfriends"

Holy Dave added "Thats why I'm single"

Joey continued to say;

"But if they knew what to do they would have treated me nicely,"

The two have however been so secretive of the people they are dating and have not been seeing serving couple goals with their significant others on social media.