Anita Nderu
Anita Nderu

Anita Nderu has divulged on her favourite food to cook. The media personality  said  that Pasta is one of her favorite dishes.

"I am really good with pasta dishes. That's usually my go-to whenever I am trying to cook anything and I am 100% sure it's going to turn out great, it is always pasta dishes."

But why is she a lover o food?

"Obviously we need food to survive. I love eating food, making food. I am a foodie is very many different ways. I find it therapeutic putting recipes together."

She said this at the recording of Flavour By Fire courtesy of Hop House 13. She was one of the cooking contestants judged by Chef Les. The Online show will air in late November and fans will be able to find out who between the three contenstants won.

"One of my favourite things about competitions like this is that you get to learn to make different recipes. So you kind of expand your pallete and your knowledge and you get to pick up different tidbits from other contestants. So even if I do not win, I get to walk out of here with more knowledge than I came with.

So what was her opinion on alcohol-infused food? "It's great. It's amazing cause I have played around with alcohol in food before, if you get it right and you get ingredients that complement the alcohol you are using, then it is a hit every time."

Anita recently got married and had kept the secret to herself and close friends for months

"It's weird. Like you plan for like spend months planning this awesome time and then it passes like that. But it was great, we were with friends, family from all over and it was just absolutely two incredible days of my September that I will never forget."

"I am so impressed with my friends. They have known since February and they have kept it hush hush until it was the day of the ruracio' that it kind of spilled and everyone was like, 'wait, what'. But I am really grateful. I didn't want public scrutiny cause Kenyans can be very cruel. And I just wanted us to celebrate our special day just us."


"I didn't want it to be too public, where I have to deal with public scrutiny too as well as celebrating a day that is very important to me. Yes, it's great and now that's done, now it's marriage life."

She has described her husband as a genuinely awesome individual "He is honest. He makes me want to be a better person. Being with him is easy-peasy, lemon squeezy."