Nick Cannon and Kim Kardashian dated for about a year before they called it quits in 2006. In a recent interview with 'The Drink Chams Podcast' Cannon said that he was 26 years at the time.

“We were kids, we were young.I was really into her, I was vibing … She's an amazing person.”

“It was almost 20 years ago … We were kids, but obviously I knew Kim before Kanye."

“Long story short, we were getting pretty serious back then … It was getting serious … I was hanging out with the family,” he added

Cannon also spoke about Kim's s3x tape with Ray J revealing it was taped before their relationship. 

“It looks like to people I was with her first and then a year later or whatever the tape came out. But I think that tape was an older tape, but it looks to the public, it was Nick and then it was the tape,”

Cannon went on to marry Mariah Carey and are blessed with two kids. They couple later split up and he sired five other kids.