Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan

It is the culture for some Ugandan women to kneel before a man while greeting or even serving food. 

Well, Zari Hassan has left people left people talking after she knelt at the high commission of Uganda in South Africa where she attended the celebration of Uganda's 59th independence day.

"Celebrating πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬ Uganda's 59th independence day at the high commission of Uganda in South Africa. Happy independence day Uganda" She wrote

She went on to share the photo;

With many reacting to why she knelt, some Ugandan women on her comment section didn't see a big deal in it as it is normal.

Tensha_vee: Ever since I was young had been kneeling n wea has that gotten me?

Billynal: That's how Ugandan women win world wide.

Real-sydney-j: Money shouldnt take away manners!

Nakayagamercy: Kneeling z part of our culture

Iamnampala: So who is she not to kneel

Thalome_Wangu: It depends on who u r kneeling for. Respect is earned

Ashablaq: Shiaaaaa,it's in our culture

Alice.Kayitare: Tho that has nothing to do with manners people need to know thats culture for some ugandan tribes

Remish_Cool: Kneeling is normal bigup Zari