Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan has called out people saying she has nothing to offer anymore as she has zero drama.

Taking to her social media, the mother of five said she doesn't need scandals to be relevant

"There are people saying Zari is done because she has nothing new to offer. You are used to people trending, Because I have no drama and am not doing any kiki now you say I have nothing new to offer?"

"Because I am not ratcheting I have nothing new to offer if you have well and good. There is a day you said I don't do drama, I do not need it anymore, sorry to disappoint you darlings."

She went on to add that she wouldn't be giving people  who poke her attention.

"There are people who will say things about me because they want to see my reactions. Saying things to provoke, sorry to disappoint I burn the whole building."

"I have a lot of things happening for me and my family behind the scenes and I don’t need to be out here on Instagram trending for all the wrong reasons."

Zari is based in South-Africa where she stays with her kids, she's however a Ugandan citizen. The mother of five  has sired two kids with her Tanzanian baby daddy Diamond Platnumz.