Lupita Nyong'o has paid tribute to 'Black Panther' actress Dorothy Steel who died at her home i  Detroit aged 95.

Steel started her acting career aged 88 in the series 'The Trouble with Going Somewhere.'

Lupita said she will miss her in the set of 'Black Panther 2' describing her as the realest, wildly witty and warm. 


"We all thoroughly enjoyed her presence. She was dedicated to her role in the movie and showed up with delightful enthusiasm. She often joked that she may not be here for the next day of shooting and it made me laugh uncomfortably. But she understood her own mortality and was not precious about her departure. It seems she lived thoroughly and was very present in the moment."

Lupita said that fact that Steel started acting in her late 80s means its never too late to fulfill your potential.

"May we all be as bold to spend our days going after what we want, doing what we love, being who we want to be, without apology or reservation. And may we never give up on our timeline!'


"Rest well our elder heroine, we shall remember you." She concluded