We live in a world where 'Netflix and chill' are considered as real dates and ' side chic or side guy is a relationship status.

Ghosting is another term that has graced the new dating landscape. And trust me it's not something you'll want in your life. So what is ghosting?

Ghosting is when someone who used to be friendly or even romantic with you suddenly cuts off all communication without explanation. You're in a relationship. Suddenly or maybe without warning, your partner seems to have disappeared into thin air. No calls, no text messages no communication at all.

Odds are, your partner hasn't unexpectedly gotten a family emergency, or is lying in a ditch somewhere, but rather, has simply ended the relationship without a care in the world of how you'll feel. You're as good as Ghosted!

I had a chance to engage my colleagues in a Convo to understand what really happens that someone will consider ghosting their partner. And the responses, oh my! I love and truly concur with them.

They are just not that into you

Ever had people say that if someone cares or loves you will make time for you, well that's true. They will even find time to break up with you.

"If someone is not interested in you or feels like they have not invested that much in the relationship, they may feel like they don't owe you any explanation, not even that ending conversation." says one of my colleagues

They got too busy and dating stopped being a priority

Everyone is really busy this days, too much is going on that people don't find time to keep up with reaching out to people. Generally, a lot is going, with the high cost of living, people trying to chase the bag and others wrapped up in their own feels, like no one has time to nurture relationships. I found this a bit cliché but then I got to understand that people are really having hard times coping with life in general. A tough time at work or some family emergency could really mess up things in your romantic relationships.

They are Secretive

"If there's something that turns me off, is a secretive partner. I dated this guy, I knew he had money but then it got to a point where he had too much it just became too suspicious for my liking." one lady narrates.

" He was just weird, and the vibe dies when you don't know your partner anymore"

They couldn't see it working out

A friend of mine had these issues with her partner, now ghosted of course. She says the guy knew how to be a better friend than a lover. The vibe was just that of friendship, nothing more. Not all people that come into our lives should be our lovers, some are better off as friends, that's not friend-zoning.

They Got What They Wanted

Not everyone has good intentions. There are those people who just come into our lives seeking for something in particular, and when they get it, they take a step back and go. Harsh, but expected.

Ghosting can create unease and leave situations with loose ends. But those who seek closure may have appreciated clear and mature communication. So those who ghost their partner, or plan to, a little sympathy goes along way. You have the privilege of conscious thought, be mature and use it.