Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz is advicing his followers to focus on chasing after the bag and not after that disappointing relationship.

The WCB CEO wrote this on his Instagram;

"Focus on your work, because the results will always be positive...but if you focus on the relationship the results will always be negative and disappointing...Take it from the Lion." 

In over two years, the singer has not confirmed being in any relationship since he broke up with Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna.

Before then, he had dated Ugandan-South African based businesswoman Zari Hassan before falling out. According to Zari's break up message, the singer was accused to have been unfaithful.

He sired a child with Tanzanian model Hamisa Mobetto while still with Zari Hassan.

At the moment, the music mogul is one of the most sought after bachelors in East Africa.