Eric Omondi and his 3rd season contestants
Eric Omondi and his 3rd season contestants

Eric Omondi has finally gotten himself a wife. The comedian's reality show 'Wife Material' saw him audition women from Rwanda, Burundi, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Well, the comedian has settled on South Sudan's Monica Ayen. In an Instagram message, Omondi told his fans that Monica won his heart.

"Monica Ayen -Omondi. CONGRATULATIONS on WINNING my heart, Congratulations on winning the Final Season of #WifeMaterial I promise to Love you with all that I have."


He went on to promise her heaven;

"I will respect you, I will honor you with all Dignity. I promise to PROTECT you. I can't wait to Start a family with you. I cannot wait to make beautiful babies with you. You are not only a SUPER Model but you possess a Super HEART. You Compliment me baby. You Complete me my LOVE."

Omondi said he was finally going to walk down the aisle with Monica.


"I give you my VOW I WILL MARRY you and Spend the REST of my life with you. I will stand by you through thick, through thin. I LOVE YOU."

This third season comes months after an unsuccessful season two where the contestants were involved in a fight. The first season saw Band Becca's Carol win.

The comedian has in the past revealed that the show is scripted and we can only wait and see what's next for Monica.