Corazon Kwamboka is warning couples  against investing together before they walk down the aisle.

She said this while answering a fan who asked  best way to budget her finances as a couple.

"I hope when you say couple you mean a married couple. Before marriage, do not invest with someone's son.' Said Corazon

She went to clarify that she is financially stable and doesn't depend on her fiance, Frankie Kiarie.

 "I took Frankie to Mombasa for his birthday. He took me to Zanzibar for mine. Now if you guys are the type of women that only want men to do stuff for them and gift them boxers on their birthdays, good for you."

She continued, "I take pride in working hard as a woman and being able to buy anything I desire for myself through my blood, sweat and tears.

"We are both young trying to make something out of our lives. Frankie compliments and supports me, and that's all I need. No wonder your men will never grow."

"Women are not helpless babies, we can be strong, powerful and independent. Know your worth."

The couple is blessed with one child and another one on the way.