The age difference between Bahati and Diana Marua has been a social media debate since they announced they were dating.

But isn't it just a number? 

Well, according to Bahati, his wife Diana Marua  has turned 32;

"It's Time to Sample How 32 Years Tastes Like," he wrote

Adding "Dear @komarockmodern , Hio Birthday Vile imeenda We Might be Visiting your New Maternity Wing in 9 Months."

The couple is blessed with three kids, Morgan Bahati who is the singer's adopted son, Heaven and Majesty Bahati.

Bahati is also blessed with a daughter Mueni Bahati whom he sired with Yvette Obura.

Taking to social media, Mueni's mother, Yvette also showered Diana with praises;

"Happy birthday Mama Heav @diana_marua .On this day I want you to know that I appreciate you,I love you and I thank God for you.You've been nothing but selfless, understanding, giving,loving and caring not only to @mueni_bahati but to everyone else around you.I pray in your new age that your cup will continue overflowing with peace,love, favor and breakthroughs.We love you so much and I'll give you your flowers when you're still alive because you deserve it."

From us is happy birthday to Diana!