Betty Kyallo and Nick Ndeda
Photo by Moses Mwangi Betty Kyallo and Nick Ndeda

Betty Kyallo's boyfriend Nick Ndeda says they didn't want to put their relationship in public.

Speaking to Jalang'o TV, Ndeda said;


"We were definitely coerced, we had agreed we never wanted to go public. We would be seen here and there.. which is fine, like any other couple you would do things together, go, but we never wanted to come out and say we are an item, it was never our intention,"

Their private relationship was cut short after photos of the two together went viral.

"When that happened...we didn't change how we interacted, once the spotlight starts shining on you it never stops. It did not stop for a long time...every time we do everything all eyes will be there."


"I think Kenyans just get bored, something happens they forget. At some point we got the normalcy back,"

He went on to give advice on celebrity relationships.

"Relationships take time to grow to a point where you are OK with the public, but Kenyans don't allow relationships to evolve through normal stages of the relationship. It may work or you need privacy to navigate preliminary stages."