Harmonize and Diamond
Harmonize and Diamond

Singer Harmonize has spoken alot about what he went through while at Diamond Platnumz's record label WCB.

The singer has accused Diamond of labelling his father as a witch. Harmonize says when his father went to visit him, Diamond would think he was going to be bewitched.

"I cannot change my dad. He has the right to visit me any time. When he would visit me at home they used to claim that he had come to bewitch Diamond. I asked them, 'So my dad should not visit? Because my dad is a religious person he should not come to my home?' Does it make sense?"


Harmonize clarified that his dad is a religious person.  

"He is the reason I am Harmonize today. They were looking for all reasons as to why I should quit the label."

Diamond is yet to respond to any of the accusations.

Harmonize said this at a press briefing held at the Julius Nyerere International airport in Tanzania. The singer had arrived from his US tour.