Vivian is doing a 31-day gratitude session. On her third day, the 'Chum Chum' hitmaker has narrated how she was delivered from what she believes was a spiritual attack.

Vivian shared a photo showing her face all swollen, something she says started when she made her debut in the entertainment industry.

"Let me tell you Maina!Weh I used to suffer chronic allergies leaving my face, lips, throat swollen.. ile mbaya!This thing was spiritual and started a year after I joined entertainment. Aki I was young and naive."

She was later delivered and says God is healing her;

"The allergies looked bad and I would have to hide for some days because I was ashamed with how I looked.It’s been 3 yrs na Ziliniwacha. Niliombewo and I was in a safe space and I was in a loving environment 

 Love heals! Love healed my life. God is love!I’m so thankful that God healed me and he continues to heal!#Day3 #31daysofgratitude"

Weeks ago, Vivian released a gospel song that got fans speculating that she has finally turned a new leaf.