image: courtesy Akothee

Singer Akothee is warning her male friends against calling her phone. This is because, her boyfriend Nelly Oaks is the one handling her calls and messages during this time that she is sick and recovering.

She added that she has a headcahe and that the phone radiotion is irritating to her, the main reason as to why Nelly is handling her phone.

POLITE NOTICE To All my male friends ,I am not having my phone's with me ,Nelly is handling all the calls and SMs , I am not fit for conversations So just know some of the names we call each during our gist might not end well


Now With the kind of headache I am having ,I might not be in a position to explain/ why we call each other so! This guy might just pull a quick one on me ! And we both No you can't come to be with me here

You will also have to answer your Wife/ girlfriend etc As to where you are going wait I heal up and running,so we pick it where we left it. Don't get offended when I don't pick calls .the radiation irritates me ,badly & triggers the terrible headache

Nelly will answer all your calls.


Akothee went on to ask her girlfriends to shoot their shot at Nellyoaks now that she is not feeling well and cannot fight back.

To my girlfriends who wants Nelly this is the time ,shoot your shot sweetie, baby is having all my gadgets .I am as useless as some left overs If you want to reach me phone number is on the [email protected] love you

The singer previously reported that she has been in and out of hospital and from us, is a quick recovery to Madam Boss.