Producer cum artiste AfroNautiq has released 'Supersonic' a collabo that features multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Bensoul and the smooth R&B songstress, Xenia Manasseh.

This comes after his debut single 'National Treasure' with Bensoul, Bien, Vallerie Muthoni and Xenia Manasseh.

The song was created at Supersonic Africa studio in Nairobi during Kenya's 10pm - 4am curfew.

AfroNautiq decided to host creative collaboration sessions called 'Nokturnal' at Supersonic Africa.

These involved all types of musicians coming in and creating music from scratch, vibing and learning from each other to create magic.

On one particular night, Bensoul, Xenia and AfroNautiq were the remaining three and as the sun rose that morning, while taking a break, over some good gin and fine tonic, this song came to life.