Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy
Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy

This is what you've ever wanted, a stable relationship,  a loving partner. You feel on top of the world. You feel awesome. The world looks mighty good to you.

Things are going great for you, but is that so? Are you really okay,? Fulfilled? In the thrill of the moment, aren't you missing something? Yourself for instance? At times this happens. Even in the most perfect of relations, you and your individuality are getting lost somewhere.

Here are ways on how to focus on yourself in a relationship so you don't loose yourself along the way.

Pursue your personal goals

Under no circumstances, should you neglect your personal goals and dreams for the sake of your relationships. You may get caught up in the moment, and be stuck up planning a future together, building a home having kids, blah! blah! This no doubt makes your heart overflow with happiness and expectations. That's  all well and good.In the melee, do not forget the personal goals you set for yourself before you became a couple.


Cherish your old friendships

In the initial flush of being a couple,  you might get lost in the relationship bubble. You may be tempted to cut off your long term friendships so to focus on your union.Do not play yourself bro. Friendships are as important as that relationship that you're shutting the whole world for.

Make space for some me-time

Being a couple doesn't  mean you have to forget yourself and adapt to the lifestyle of your partner.You don't have to conform to traditions of perfect couple ideals set by society.You can make your own rules that you can live by, so that each of you can have their own me-time. Space is important. Dating is a complex department,  and sometimes you may need time to yourself to just cool off.

Have a hobby

Staying together, going out on dates together, having same circle of friends can be limiting and boring. Get yourself a unique hobby, this way you have time to yourself, to focus on yourself.Maybe you had one before you met your partner or not. Either way, get yourself a hobby.


Don't shy away from communication

Communication is the key to a healthy and blissful relationship. Let your partner know what you're feeling, what you're  going through.  Do not suffer in silence. Communication clears misapprehension and misunderstandings.