image: Courtesy Harmonize

Tanzanian singer Harmonize and his baby mama Shanteel have had a misunderstanding that has taken to social media.

The two don't seem to be in good terms as Shanteel has deleted Harmonize's name on their baby's Instagram bio.

Their daughter's Instagram page was named 'Zuu Konde' but the Konde has since been erased to just 'Zulekha.' Konde is Harmonize's nickname.

The bio previously read 'Daughter to Harmonize' but now it reads as 'Daughter to Shanteel'

Harmonize's details have been erased weeks after he shared a whatsaspp message from his baby mama highlighting the list of things he needs to send to the baby mama for child support.

At the moment, Harmonize is dating his Autralian lover Briana. The two have been sharing holiday photos  together as they have a good time.

Harmonize and his new bae Briana
Harmonize and his new bae Briana

It is not yet clear as to why Harmonize and his baby mama are having problems as they are not a couple anymore but child support could be the main reason.