Dr Dre and his ex-wife Nicole Young have finalized their divorce. The American rapper and record produce will pay $ 100 million which is approximately Ksh 11 billion (Ksh 11,315,000,121) to Young.

According to TMZ, the rapper is delighted as Young will only get a fraction of his $820 fortune.

 Young has sought to receive half of Dre's assets but the couple had signed a prenup.

Dre will keep seven properties and will keep the rights to his master recordings, trademarks and commercial partnerships.

He will keep six of their cars while Young will keep four.

The former couple's vehicles will be divided somewhat more evenly, with Young getting to keep four, while her ex-husband will keep six and all the items that were hers.

Early December, Dre celebrated his divorce with silver balloons that spelled 'Divorced AF'

The ex couple tie dthe knot in 1996 and share two children..