Willis Raburu
Willis Raburu

Media personality Willis Raburu has paid tribute to his daughter Adana who would have been two years today.

Raburu shared a tattoo he got on his hand written '31.12.19' the date his daughter whom he sired with ex wife Marya Prude went to be with The Lord.

He captioned the post;

"Happy 2nd birthday Adana. My angel. I think of you each time, I have. I miss you and your beautiful face. I will never forget it as I spent that time with you in the cold room and not even my kiss would bring you back! I guess that’s only in fairy tales. I should have been celebrating your milestones but instead I sit here jealous of the angels because they get to experience you each day."

He went on to say that he doesn't know if to celebrate a new year or mourn.

"It’s always a tough day because I donno whether to celebrate a new year or mourn you. I know you would have wanted us to celebrate you and so here I am. Make a lot of noise in heaven today let them know who your parents are! I love you. Mommy and daddy will love you forever and always!"

Raburu is a father of two as he welcomed his second child, Bazu Jnr this year.