Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo

Media personality Betty Kyallo is counting her blessings one after the other. The mother of one has thanked God for life, daughter and her family. Adding that she has been blessed with laughter even in trial while being called names.

"God Thank You! My life has been so beautiful! Through the highs and lows. Through loss and success. You blessed me with good health and success. Happiness even in trial. I laughed the loudest, smiled the broadest."

She went on to reveal she felt that her name was tarnished in 2021;


"God, I was called names this year. My name was tarnished repeatedly and unfairly this year but You showed them. I am grateful. God Thank You for my daughter Ivanna. She's the most special gift you have ever given and and I will always have. She's a true definition of Your love. Thank you that I got the Honour to be her mom.Thank you For Family. If I didn't have them I wouldn't be. My mum so special and so strong for me. Someone who still genuinely worries about me. My sisters who are the joy of my life. They make me happy truly. They are my sunshine Dear God thank You for my businesses and the teams that keep the engines running. Protect them this coming year God."

She spoke about her friendships, those that went and stayed;

"Dear God Thank You for my brand. Fuels my pocket, keeps my energy running , excites me. Working with different and multiple brands has taught me so much and challenged me as well.Thank You for friends. The icing on the cake. All the ones who came and stayed. All the ones who came and taught me some lessons and left. All the ones we partied with and regretted the next day You made my life colourful and cheerful.Dear God Thank You for love. This year from June to Now I have been loved and cared for. Oh Bless him Dear God thank You for my fans! I love them so much. May You bless them and their families.I look forward to a beautiful year ahead. Successful, joyous, opportunity filled. Good Health and great wealth. I hope I will reach out to more people and help where I can.

And from us is a happy new year!