Grammy award winning star, Burna Boy has apologized to his fans for what he termed as stooping so low that he exchanged words with Ghanian rapper Shatta Wale.

His message comes after he and Wale exchanged bitter words on social media. It all started when Shatta wale threw shade at Nigerian artistes then Burna boy challenged the rapper to a one on one duel.

In his response, Shatta responded;

Burna Boy then responded;

“This guy thinks I have time. @shattawalenima this ain’t 8mile! No be rap battle.

“It’s a fist battle like the type real men do. We can do it anywhere you want; behind closed doors or in stadium for the world to see.

“Stop acting like you don’t know i’ve been trynna set this up since january last year. Consider this an easy way out for you because I could easily make your life a living hell anywhere you go outside Ghana.

“Fool wants to come and sing rubbish. I’m trynna see ur teeth and blood on the floor boy. You talking about singing. Joker.” 

Now, Burna Boy has apologized for stooping low to exchange words with the Ghanian artistes after he included Burna's mother into their beef;

“You lucky I respect your mother like I go say your mother waaaaaaa. See what fame did to you.

“Your boy, Shalala, knows how much I have spent on you for seven months. I no go beat u, I go break your neck. Don’t come to Ghana. You called for this. Don’t call the police when you step into Ghana.”

“Remember my mother doesn’t control my career. I run my own shit street way."

“So if your mother dey watch you diss me today and she go forgot I saved your ass up when police was all over you in naija. Then she toooo dierrr. No wonder I don’t know your father."

“I don’t think you really got father training. You are hiding your father from everyone because you said you don’t want people to know he is a fitter."

“When you were on the run, who hosted you and your mother and your ashawo South African girlfriend?”