Akuku Danger
Akuku Danger

Comedian Daniel 'Churchill' Ndambuki has revealed that comedian Akuku Danger is ailing from Leukemia, the cancer of the blood. 

On new year's eve, Churchill dedicated The Churchill show to Akuku and urged the attendees to help in settling the medical bill.

"He has had Sickle cell anemia since he was born. He has  leukemia, so it keeps coming and going that's the cancer of the blood." Churchill explained

"He is always in and out of the hospital, one of the things that has kept him alive is him being able to come here and entertain you guys. "

Sandra Dacha, a close friend to Akuku later took to social media to thank Churchill for helping raise 400k for the comedian.

"But this man @mwalimchurchill churchill show managed to raise 400K yesterday for @itsakukudanger in a span of 3mins What more can I say jameni... Wametusaidia tukafika Mia NNE in that short time  who is God. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! "

Churchill also took to social media to thank everyone that had contributed;

"We dedicated our New Years Show to one of our own - @itsakukudanger who is currently admitted at Nairobi West Hospital. It is our prayer that Mannerson, Akuku Danger will recuperate from the illness.Many thanks to everyone who has shown support. The Paybill No. is 891300 Account No: AKUKU#ChurchillShowNYE"