Lillian Muli
Lillian Muli

 TV personality Lillian Muli says this year, she has no resolutions. In an insta-story, she said that in 2021, she partied alot after she let go of the man she loved.

"Strange year for me. Some of it so surreal but as always valuable lessons learnt. I partied slot I think like never before but that's because I finally let go of the person I Loved most in this world"

Muli hoped that they would patch things;

"I keep telling you guys I'm a Lover so I hang on to a memory too long hoping perhaps that things would go back to what they used to be but nope God has his ways and he had different plans for me"

Adding that she made mistakes which she learnt from;

"Last year was also the celebration of a transition for I try and figure this thing called life out. I was bolder last year, friendlier and more receptive to embracing change. I made new friends some stayed some I have had to let go because I believe in energy good and bad. I've made mistakes ive learnt from them work, business, relationships everything requires hard work and commitment and sometimes I'm just too tired and want to nap my problems away. But hey si ni life . Let's see what 2022 Brings. Resolutions are a good thing but this year I have none."