Tanzanian singer Zuchu has defended herself saying that she did not use vulger language during an interview that was aired about a year ago.

In the interview, the singer say she used the word 'Mtambo' which has been portrayed to sound as 'Mtombo' a word that is said to be vulgar.

"I've been seeing this video of an interview I did with Aaliyah going viral. People have been misunderstood the meaning of the word used. The word is 'Mtambo." She said


She went on to say that as a sober artiste, she is not able to make verbal abuse on national TV.

Zuchu then apologized to her fans asking them to ignore the misleading information.

At the same time, The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority, is reported to be giving a keen eye on the presenter Aaaliyah Mohamed for three months and asked Wasafi TV to make an apology.