Akuku Danger
Akuku Danger

Comedian Akuku Danger is now said to have a heart infection. This news was broken by his close friend, actress Sandra  Dacha. 

Taking to her Instagram, Dacha wrote

"Infection of the heart sasa tena imetoka wapi saa hii..Dear Lord, he needs to go back to his house. Please heal him."


Akuku has had sickle cell anaemia since birth.

In a previous social media post, Dacha asked well-wishers to help in clearing the rising hospital bill.

"I come to you in the name of God to help me support my baby financially. We need money here because his lungs have also started failing.Remember no MONEY no treatment.Send us anything we will appreciate. May God bless you as you plan to send us something small."


From us is quick recovery to Akuku Danger.


Account name- Akuku