Controversial singer Ringtone Apoko says he is one of the most wealthiest clebrities in East Africa. Apoko compared himself to Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz saying he is richer.

He told Kalondu Musyimi that;

"The only thing Diamond ananishinda ni followers. When it comes to money and living large I am way ahead of him. Tell him to research me. The Kenyan currency is more powerful than the Tanzanian currency."

"I have businesses, hotels, guest houses, and apartments it's only that I have not made it public. Everyone should mind their own business and carry their own cross."

Apoko added that he gets his riches from the many properties he has including apartments, hotels and music.

Asked what he thinks of people who have labelled him as a land grabber, he said,

" I am not a land grabber, why have I never been reported?'

"I know the law, I am a Christian, I am not a thief. God has blessed me so people should stop being jealous. I have no right to tell people where I get my wealth from as long as I have not broken the law."