Jamal Gaddafi
Jamal Gaddafi

TV presenter and aspiring politician Jamal Gaddafi started talking to his wife Ahlam Faysal on snapchat.

Speaking about how they met, Gaddafi explained to Presenter Ali that;

"We met on snapchat"



"I first met her at Jamia mosque, she looked nice, her smile and all. She didn't even stop for me , then she DMned me on snapchat later saying she was the girl I said hi to."

He said that she is the caliber of woman he had prayed for;


"She is very laid back. You can go to a function with her and even forget she is there."

"I prayed even before I got her as a wife. I asked God to give me a woman that is understanding."

Jamal is vying for Malindi Parliamentary seat under ODM. He revealed that it was not easy for his family to accept his political bid.

"It was never easy. My wife didn't have an issue. The issue was between my mother and sisters, they felt, this is a gamble. "