Nigerian star Olakira has landed a global endorsement deal with the vehicle manufacturer, Maserati.

This comes over a year after he released his hit song 'Maserati' which went global.

The song has garnered over 100million views on YouTube and online streaming platforms worldwide.


The news of the endorsement was shared on Maserati social media platform and is in recognition of his smash hit,

In a video shared on the brand’s official Instagram page, the singer could barely hide his shock at the amazing deal that he received as a surprise during a recent foreign trip.


As part of the deal, the superstar will have access to Maserati Luxury Cars in any country he visits. The Hop in my Maserati line has leapt out of the lyrics and hit the road. This is the first time the Maserati brand is going into collaboration with an African artist.


While responding to the news of his endorsement, Olakira was in disbelief as he wrote;

"Dreams do come true, So grateful."

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