As a young woman, if there is one peace of advice from Kamene and Jalas you should never ever forget is; Never give up your liberties to a married man because this man will never leave his wife for you.

Kamene and Jalas have always been consistent in advising young Kenyan women to not get involved with married men because nothing good really comes from it.


While having this discussion, Kamene reminded her fellow babes to at least ensure they don’t lose their liberties in the process.


At least try and maintain some liberties in your life and have a life usikubali kufungwa hostage because listen, he will tell you when to go home, when to leave sometimes they even tell you what to wear.” Kamene said.

Kuna dame mwingine aliwacha kuvaa booty shorts juu msee alisema no staki mtu aone vitu zangu.

She says such women rarely wear high heels, rugged jeans and they have been limited to maxi dresses, jeans and turtle necks.

“Number one we said don’t date married men and you refused but can you at least leave the prison?” Jalas added.

The two agreed that no one should give up years and loyalty to someone who will never give them back to you.