Kanze Dena has had quite a weekend after being a victim of body shaming.

The State House spokesperson, who gave birth a few months ago appeared in public yesterday for the first time in Sagana after returning from maternity leave. And like every other mother, she has gained weight and trolls took to social media to mock her.

So many celebrities especially the women came through for her with encouraging messages. I mean trolls can really get to you and for a mother with such a young baby, we do not want that.

Kanze Dena faces serious trolling after adding weight
Kanze Dena faces serious trolling after adding weight
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The likes of Wahu and Massawe were very vocal on this but one man stood out. Terence Creative. Being a victim of constant body shaming together with his wife, he shared a very sweet and encouraging message to Kanze saying,

"Just gone through some trolls that people send to Kanze and it’s disheartening, I experience this every day, I see people insult us coz of our size and wonder what really makes them happy but I realize, I am not the problem, they are. Kanze this too shall pass, usistress ata ukikonda bado hawata kupenda uliza @ericomondi just be yourself. God shall deal with them. #wanonoforever #sikondileo #hataukondahuuwa"

In all honesty, I think people need to grow out of such trolls. We are way past that.