A few weekends ago, Jua Cali’s gorgeous wife, Lilly Asigo, shocked many after she turned into a rapper, and entertained guests during Senator Isaac Mwaura and Mukami Rwamba’s fifth wedding anniversary.

In a video shared by Mukami Mwaura, Lilly is seen rocking the mic, guests on their feet as she beautifully raps JuaCali ‘s hit’ Kiasi’ song.

Mukami’s caption read,

“When @lillyasigo decides she decides.. @juacaligenge teaching someone some mad skills. #Kiasi.

Well it looks like that was Lily's perfect moment to test her rapping and performance skills.

Reason I'm saying so? Lily and her bestie, Mukami Mwaura look like they have been hitting the studio working on a new project.

The two seem like they are trying their hand in the music industry and it's evident that Juacali is the man nurturing their talents.

On Monday, Mukami 'gave a few hints that the two have already recorded a project together after she wrote an encrypted caption below their photo. In fact, one of the hash tags read #Recordingartists.

Mukami wrote, 

It’s never too late to follow your dreams, and there’s no time like the present to start ... I am happy for this awesome opportunity @lillyasigo and your better half @juacaligenge#bestmemories #recordingartists

This coupled up by a number of posts the two ladies have been posting all in the name of 'Working on'