Dr. Bosire
Dr. Bosire Dr. Bosire

One Doctro Bosire Wairimu is the current talk of town, well at least on Twitter streets.

This is after a video of her dancing to Otieno Aloka's popular 'Kanungo Eteko' song went viral.

In the video, Bosire who is seen having fun with a female friend, left many speechless with her dancing skills and how her silk waist moves with the beat.

According to Dr. Bosire who's twitter handle is @Lasterbosire, she wanted to show people that even doctors have a social life.

She said that she uses dance as her favorite wellness activity.

For those who do not know Dr. Bosire, she attracted headlines after she turned down Sonko's nomination to become Nairobi County's health minister.

Her tweet read,

We said we are normalizing these streets! I am a doctor, but I also have a social life! My favorite wellness activity is dancing I have no rights to the music! #OtienoAloka #Kanungo #MedBikini

The video won many hearts with many in fact asking for 'appointments'

Read some of the reactions below,

Yego Kips: aber, iwinjo maber. utanifunza kudance lini pliz? Appointment ndio nataka...dm

Bosire's response: Kama wewe ni mgonjwa, we can always arrange, otherwise, sanitise and keep safe

Process Digtal: Good to see you enjoying life I respected you the day you refused Sonko Job and kept your reputations high and the way you have been fighting for your workmates rights Keep it up Doc.....starter ilikuwa whisky gani?

Bosire's response: Hapa tunachezea 21 year Glen..

Buliba: Doc,I hurt my lower back the other day while dancing isikuti,i see you do qualify % to perform your therapeutic mastery in medicine on me. When should i book my appointment?

Mercy Murugi: Ukinidance hivi kwa ward napona tu

Bosire's response: Baas..Naandika discharge summary pap!!