Ian Wafula has tested positive for Covid-19. The BBC broadcast journalist has confirmed.

Taking to his Social media pages, Wafula announced that he had been asymptomatic, till he started feeling slight headaches, an itchy throat and lack of taste last week Monday.

Wafula has been at the forefront in covering Covid-19.

Got my results earlier today and I tested positive for COVID19. Have spent the last 4 months covering the pandemic and even did a story on “Do you know somebody?” Well now I do.

I remember last week Monday feeling slight headaches, itchy throat, slight chest pain and lack of taste but that was it. Dr. Wasike here is a gem, as soon as she saw the results on mail I could tell she panicked but up until she broke the news and told me how to take care of myself moving forward she had been very calm and professional and we ended up laughing about the whole scenario. His post read in part.

Wafula who lives with his sister, says she is well bu the two will isolate at home, adding that their family has been supportive.

Urging people to stop stigmatizing Corona, Wafula said he shared about his status so as to encourage people to stay safe.

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I’m the first patient she has had to break the news to. She was glad that I’ve been exercising and trying to keep safe. My family and friends have been very supportive once I told them and so have my bosses. I’m sharing this so that more of us know that the disease is real, so we stop having stigma towards it and so that we be careful. My sister and I will isolate at home as we stay together. She is well and has not shown any symptoms. All is well!