Jahmby's doctor's birthday
Jahmby's doctor's birthday

Endo warrior, Jahmby Koikai always gives us a reason to stay strong and believing in God no matter what we are going through in life.

Everyday, she makes sure to share her progress as she continues to recover from Endometriosis.

So serious was the condition that the media personality traveled abroad where she for more than a year seeking the necessary medical treatment.

While being abroad, Jahmby met one doctor, Dr. Sinervo who listened to her, never dismissed any of her symptoms and one who never misdiagnosed her.

As a way to show her appreciation, yesterday, she decided to celebrate Dr. Sinervo on his birthday.

End of February 2018, I walked into Dr. Sinervo's office @centerforendocare , after a gruelling fundraising process and deteriorating health.I had a tube inserted in my chest, it was becoming loose due to the long hours of travel. My first question to him was, 'am I going to be okay?'. He said, 'We will do our best and you will be ok'.I've seen countless of doctors but none compares to Dr. Sinervo. None. Jahmby's post read in part.

An emotional Jahmby went ahead to pay tribute to the man she believes God used to give her life back.

I've never had a doctor truly listen to me, no judgement, no stereotype, no dismissing symptoms, no misdiagnosis of Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. A doc, who cares for his patients and is happy to see us all thriving.God used Dr. Sinervo to give me back my life. I've cried as I wrote this.

She added,

Happy birthday to the best doctor ever. May God bless you abundantly with great health, more love, joy, peace and happiness. You're the best and I truly thank God for you.