Hart the band album anniversary
Hart the band album anniversary

 H_art the band have penned an emotional thank you letter to their fans, on the day they released their debut album 'MADE IN THE STREETS'.

The band says they are eternally grateful to the fans and everyone else who believed on the three boys from Kayole with just a dream and a guitar.

8 million music streams later, they can't believe that their debut album got them touring the whole nation meeting fans from all over.

Read their message below,

 left their fans excited after announcing that they soon will be releasing new music.

⚠️LONG POST⚠️Today marks an Year since we released our debut album 'MADE IN THE STREETS' alongside our compilation album 'SHOEKRAN' - okay, it was yesterday but we forgot to post- quarantine time 🙈 Anywho, Here we are, 365days Later, Proud of ourselves for being able to do this. Since the beginning of our music career, having an album was something we spoke about almost every single day. Maybe it was fear that made us not release it earlier or maybe it was something else but here we are : 8Million overall streams/downloads Later 🙌 Not to Mention, we even had a countrywide tour of our own to promote the album. Please note the word - 'COUNTRYWIDE' 😱 3 Young Boys from Kayole who started out with nothing but a Dream & a Guitar shutting down towns in the name of music *insert @djshiti_comedian voice* "Mungu Ni Nani!!!"5years ago if you told us this will be a reality, tungecheka sana. God really works in mysterious ways & we thank him everyday for always choosing us despite our faults & failures.Before we go any further, we would like to thank our MANAGMENT & PR TEAM @enm_group for always pushing us out of our comfort zone every single time 🙏 Truth be told, without them maybe these album(s) would still be in the kitchen @mordecai_dex akisema anafeel iko kitu Bado inamiss 😂A BiG SHOEKRAN also to all the producers who worked on the album(s) CEDO, GITUAMBA, ULOPA, MG & MUSYOKA. 🙏A BiG SHOEKRAN also to all the Legends who featured on the album(s): SAUTI SOL, SEYI SHAY, BENSOUL, KASKAZINI, CINDY SANYU, LADY JAYDEE, VICTORIA KIMANI, RANDY VALENTINE & NYOTA NDOGO - This wouldn't have been possible without all of you amazing souls, Asanteni Sana🙏Last but not least, A BiG SHOEKRAN SANA to the Creative Genius @tintseh /Zeb & to you who is reading this, our family #teamh_art ,for always supporting these 3 crazy people who started singing for fun & you made them into superstars. We are eternally grateful for your never ending love & support through time - We Love you & can't wait to share what we have in store for you 🙏