The king of Genge, Juacali on Tuesday spared sometime to engage his fans on his Twitter feed.

This came just days when the legendary rapper found himself in a heated debate with Wakadinali, a rap group, regarding who has made a bigger impact in the industry.

The conversation saw Kenyans take sides with many defending Juacali's role in birthing Genge, which has now seen upcoming artists use the genre to create 'gengetone'.

After seeing fans differ about Ogopa records and Calif records, the two recording labels that transformed Kenyan music scene, the Calif records co-founder decided to put matters to bed.

In a tweet, the 'Kiasi' hit maker reminded fans that there was no beef or bad blood between the two record labels.

He said the two labels were only competing on who will release the next 'monster hit' and nothing more. In return, that shaped the industry.

People always ask 'Beef ya Calif na Ogopa ilikua aje?' I always tell them the only beef we had with Ogopa was releasing Monster Hits 'Wanatoa sisi tunatoa' (Highly competitive) Wrote Juacali.

Below are some of the reactions from his fans,

Kimanzi: This really build the industry

Warobi: Rem those days we use to watch the beats sato especially we compete me na beste yangu team ogopa bro na beste yake team calif then tuna count songs produce na ogopa vs calif zenye zita play most on the beat win maze haha...ofcos ogopa did most wins bt calif pia so mchezo

Nash: In short, I think @juacaliGenge anajaribu kusema beef si about matusi tu it's about creativity.. show what you can do, si kutusi tu watu bila creativity.. BABA YAO..

Black fish: Sure beef sio matusi ni kuprove the other camp wrong same as klepto did to Bamboo chiwawa etc

Abraham: Beef ya Ogopa na calif inanikumbusha beef ya Bongo Records na MJ Records kule Tanzania. Enzi hizo wasanii hawakuwa na beef ilikuwa ni mastudio na hiyo ilijenga game