Ciku soxxy
Ciku soxxy

Every mother in the world longs to always be present in their babies lives, to never miss those small special wins.

However, it gets tricky especially for working moms who are required to report back to work after their maternity leave.

No parent wants to 'break' the special kind of bond created between a mother and a new born baby, and it was the same for DJ Soxxy's wife.

According to Ciiku, terrible is what she felt when she came to the end of her maternity leave.

Taking to Instagram, she revealed that her greatest fear was that she would miss all the little special moments.

"The hardest moment for most working mums is coming to the end of your maternity leave..I felt horrible... I felt like I would miss all the little special moments.. Like these 2 would never forgive me for leaving them.."  Ciiku's post read in part.

The mother of two went ahead to advise working mums to always make quality time for their kids.

She was honest that it gets crazy at first but eventually things fall in place.

All I can tell working mums..make quality time for your kids if it's bath time or sleep time, utilize that time. The first few days will be the hardest, it's normal to have that emotional Rollercoaster. It's crazy at first, but you find your rhythm eventually.