Harmonize and Wolper
Harmonize and Wolper

Singer Harmonize has come out for the first time to expose his ex-lover Jacqueline Wolper for wanting to sleep with his ex-boss Diamond Platnumz.

Harmonize said this to the crowd while performing in Dodoma.

He first narrated how Wolper was playing him with a Burundi man


"I went to the US and she went to Burundi, and there is a guy that was driving her and she told me that he was her brother"


"Before that, she went to China and I gave her 30 million to take stock for her fashion house. At the time, I didn't have anything.And when she went there, she was with a man and she told me that she could not date him. Right now, they are lovers, it means they started dating a long time ago."

Harmonize  reminisces when he surprised her with a German Machine 

"I bought her a car worth Tsh 15 million and when I was surprising her, the man from China called her and she had saved her 'My Love' on her phone. I was very hurt and angry. For the first time, I read her messages and got messages from different men."

Harmonize says he forgave all that drama but what made them break up was Diamond Platnumz.

"We had a party at Diamond Platnumz's place and without shame, she wanted Diamond to be her lover. She told Diamond that she would sire for him a baby boy at the time, Diamond only had a daughter, Latiffah."


"She told him that she was with me (Harmonize) just to be close to him (Diamond)"

Harmonize and Wolper
Harmonize and Wolper
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Harmonize revealed that Diamond had to drink alcohol to tell him that she (Wolper) wanted him. 

Wolper was Harmonize's first public girlfriend. At the time, Diamond was dating Zari Hassan while Wolper was still a big Bongo movie star.