Etana fashion wyre
Etana fashion wyre

If you have been to one of Kevin Waire aka Wyre's live performances, you can clearly tell his stage presence is up there with the best.

The former Necessary Noize member, acknowledges that his craft was inspired by Michael Jackson, and as an 8-year-old, he knew that he wanted to be a performer.

Speaking to Kiss100's Jinx, Wyre said,

"Let me tell you the first time I ever wanted to be on stage I was about 8 years old, and my mom had just come back from the UK with a VHS tape of the Motown 25 celebrations."

He added,

"I remember there is a point Michael Jackson stepped out and did his first solo performance for Billie Jean. Right there is where I knew Yo! This is where I need to be. Bro he killed that show and buried it.

He was an amazing performer and I always strive to engage the crowd and nothing beats a live band performance."

Wyre is among the few Kenyan artists who have made their names overseas, thanks to his reggae and dancehall songs.

The 'Nakupenda pia' hitmaker says the ability to fuse English and Swahili enabled him to navigate to the other side.

"For me, it is one thing I have been trying to achieve for the longest time. That is why I started fusing my music with a lot of English as well." Said Wyre.

'Cause I always said I wanna be able to stand on any stage in the world and perform."

His biggest break came when G-Money linked him and was featured in the relationship riddim. Wyre says it changed everything for him in the international scene.

"I started getting airplay in the Caribbean and one thing led to the other. Any time I started approaching some other foreign reggae and dance hall artists, they had heard my music."