timmy 2
timmy 2

Timmy Tdat found himself in hot soup after a video showing him touching one of the video vixen's private parts, went viral.

The musician has featured Brown Mauzo in his new Wote Wazuri song and Timmy is seen inappropriately touching the woman while shooting the music video.

The video angered many Kenyans with some calling out the controversial musician for 'disrespecting' the video vixen.

However, some bashed the woman for allowing the artist to disrespect them.

Below are some of their reactions;

muyu_keWtf🤦‍♀️si hawa wasichana wajiheshimu ata how do you comfortably allow him touch your bean ata kama Wewe ni video vixen🚮🚮Ugh such a rotten generation we are in

felixhabibi What some vixen goe through for fame and money ….😢😢

paulohunnid 😂😂😂😂😂wah kwanza hawa wa gengetone hupewe tu fare wanarombosa ngoma mzima💔😂

mokesh_rue Hawa vixens hua hawajipendi jamani😩very sad😬😬yani elfu moja inaweza mfanya dem kujikosea heshima kiwango hii😅

the.athleticc Unakua vixen 😂 unalipwa na kufingwa😪😪

pablomg_ke Nlijua tu hawa warembo hushoot Vida za ngoma lazma wanashootiwa pia

princessmawash Hivi hawa wasichana wana wazazi kweli

Timmy who has been mum regarding the whole situation, has now hit back with an encryptic message to those unimpressed by his behavior.

Showing off his toned tattooed back, an unbothered Timmy wrote,

Talking behind my back?Well,plenty of reasons as long as you don’t stab it!

Seems like it would take a lot to get this guy to bow.

Check out his post below